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About Us

Easysoft CNC

We have been trading since 1994, as a one-stop-shop for the CNC production turner/machinist or Toolmaker.

We cover everything the CNC user needs in the way of training, software and support.

  • Training of CNC personnel either on or off site.
  • Software sales, support and training.
  • Support, programming of parts, design of parts, mold design, assistance with tooling, maintenance of machines.

Founding Member

The Founding member of the company is qualified as a fitter and turner as well as a toolmaker with experience in press tools, plastic injection molds, blow moulds and vacuum forming. This helps give insight into client's challenges allowing for fast and effective solutions.

About Ezcam


EZCAM Solutions, Inc. (New York, NY) released EZ-CAM Version 16, which offers such product improvements as a new 3D Machining Wizard and a new surfacing toolpath engine that introduces advanced toolpath generation capabilities including Equidistant Finishing and Automatic Re-roughing.

The new 3D Machining Wizard presents all available surface-machining strategies using simple choices in a single dialog box. A graphic help window within the wizard displays a graphic image for each parameter and option. At any time the Wizard can be revisited, and settings changed and the toolpath recalculated, even by new users.

About Alibre


Alibre has a rich history of innovation. Founded in 1997, Alibre began work with Microsoft to create the world's first browser-based distributed 3D CAD environment. Not limited to product innovation, Alibre also disrupted the market with a pricing structure unheard of at the time - a low cost, high availability plan that democratized access.

Alibre was the first company to see the incredible creative potential of individuals and Makers, and in 2010 was the first company to offer a design solution at under $100.

Since then, we've continued our history of inclusiveness by providing cost-effective, powerful design solutions to businesses, students, educators, hobbyists en masse - the way it should be.